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I have been planning to completely overhaul my website for a while, but other things have taken precedence.

A couple of months ago, I received an email from the hosting company I've been using since around 2010 saying they were shutting down at the end of May and customer websites would be deleted.

So I started looking elsewhere.

I had a few requirements:

  • Hosting must not cost more than £10 per month

  • Have a wide choice of customisable templates

  • Be fast and easy to use

  • Offer its own highly-customisable audio player

I first looked at Squarespace as it's probably the most well-known. But two things immediately turned me off: Squarespace is too expensive and doesn't offer its own, customisable audio player. Instead, it only offered embedded Soundcloud players which cannot be customised without paying Soundcloud a few quid every month and they are slow to load on external websites.

I looked at the few other hosting companies including Jimdo, Weebly and Wix.

I was initially sceptical about using Wix because I remember the days when it specialised in slow, badly-designed Flash-based websites which were plastered in adverts.

Fortunately, things have changed significantly at Wix. While I find its design platform to be relatively slow and overly complicated, on the whole Wix fulfils all my requirements.

I designed this website over a few weeks and it w

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